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As the average life span increases, more and more elderly people are finding themselves in the position of needing some form of assistance in their day to day life. The amount of care they may need can depend on the level of difficulty they are having; sometimes they just need some jobs around the house that they are struggling with and sometimes they need ongoing help of a significant level including personal care. A lot of people struggle with this transition, and it is a support workers job to make this as easy as possible for them. Moving into a care home is one option that people consider at this point, but some people do not want to leave their home. Here at WHC, our aim is to employ care staff of the highest caliber.

We take pride in enabling people to stay in their home if they wish and respect their wishes and preferences at all times. The advantage of staying in your own home is that you can stay in an environment you feel comfortable in, and our staff will only carry out the tasks you require and suggest ways in which they might help you in the future.

When looking for help in the Manchester, Stockport, Oldham, Bolton areas, we know there are a number of different options available such as domestic help, but by using support workers experienced in-home care as well as domestic tasks, you can get an insight into how much care you need currently, and if you need any additional care in the future, you will already have an established relationship with your support worker which will make any extra care easier.

We pride ourselves on our comprehensive services for comprehensive home care services and beyond, and if you would like to discuss what we can offer you and how we can help you to stay in your own home. Please contact us a call to arrange a home visit and discussion on your care needs.

Complex Care

Complex Care is also known as continuing care or long-term care and is provided to clients with substantial and continuing health requirements due to chronic illness and/or disabilities after being discharged from hospital. 

End of Life 

Passing away peacefully, with dignity in our home, surrounded by our loved ones is something most of us desire. End-of-life care allows you, or your loved one, to do this.

Children & Young People

Caring for children and young people can be particularly difficult because the client and their family may be struggling to come to terms with the healthcare concerns they or their loved one has.

Adult Social Care

Everyone deserves effective high-quality care and support which is a positive experience and keeps you safe, enabling you to stay and live as independently as possible in your own home.

Leaning Difficulties 

People with learning difficulties are an extremely vulnerable group. WHC provide a service that encourages inclusion within the community. We create person-centred plans, tailored to the individual’s needs.

Critical Care 

At WHC we felt there was a need to employ our own Registered Nurse onsite in order to guarantee clinical safety. As a result, all our complex care packages requiring clinical input are overseen and managed by our Specialist Nurse.

Personal Assistant 

Caring for someone with a disability is not just about ensuring that they are able to get around, have meals cooked, have help with chores and have assistance washing. There is so much more that they may require help with when it comes to the administration side of life.

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