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Our Vision

Our vision is very simple at WHC, we pride ourselves on providing the best quality care to those who need it the most while ensuring we have an enjoyable working culture.​

Here's a breakdown of our company vision:

  • To support our customers, enabling them to remain safe and independent within their own home by creating a tailor-made, person-centred support plan that works for you.

  • To enable our customers to be active members of their own community.

  • To provide services and relationships that help individuals achieve their desired outcomes.

  • To give individuals the opportunity to express their views and wishes.

  • To ensure individuals are safe in the community.

  • To provide support and care of the highest possible standard.

  • To provide a professional, fully trained and dedicated team of support staff.

  • To provide continuity and reliability to reduce anxiety, enhance confidence and maximise quality of service.

  • To maximise choice and control for our customers by using an individualised support plan to communicate, plan, implement and review the needs and outcomes of our customers in a person-centred way.

  • To provide competitive, affordable, value-for-money services that meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our customers.

  • To continually review, adapt and improve our services to meet the changing needs of our customers.

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