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Training Academy 

If you are looking to start a career in the care industry, Westwood Homecare Training Academy can offer you a head start with our Beginners to Care course, which will enable you to progress into the care industry and make you stand out to potential employers.

If you are a Personal Assistant or looking to become a Personal Assistant, our courses will give you the opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills, updating your personal portfolio and making you an ideal candidate to potential clients.

Outcomes of developing your care workers

Health and Social Care companies can reap the rewards of providing training for their employees at Westwood Homecare Training Academy. Well-trained workers help increase productivity and profits. Investing in employee training will improve worker retention rates and customer satisfaction. Effective training saves labour by reducing time spent on problem-solving or customer complaints and saves money in the long run by producing a better workforce and ensure your compliance with the Care Quality Commission.

  • Increase in staff knowledge leads to a better service to customers

  • Increased job satisfaction and morale among employees

  • Increased employee motivation

  • Increased employee competency

  • Reduced employee turnover

  • Enhanced company image

Westwood Homecare Training Academy offers a wide range of training courses to meet your individual and company needs, whether you are looking to up skill your workers or yourself.

Business Support

Westwood Homecare Training Academy can offer you business training, advice and 1-1 support with all your CQC, Operations and compliance needs, including: how to start your business; how to register your business; technology advice; conduct/create an audit; training on how to conduct your own mock CQC inspection; and we can provide you with bespoke tools to audit your company. Westwood Homecare Training Academy can also provide management support and advice, as well as supervisor training courses to develop your supervisors to meet your company’s requirements and more.


Available Courses 

  • Care Certificate Induction Training which includes the following care certificate standards:

    • Understanding Your Role

    • Personal Development

    • Duty of Care

    • Equality and Diversity

    • Person-Centred

    • Communication

    • Privacy and Dignity

    • Fluids and Nutrition

    • Dementia, Mental Health and Learning Difficulties

    • Safeguarding Adults

    • Safeguarding Children

    • Basic Life Support

    • Health and Safety

    • Handling of Information

    • Infection Control

    • Mental Capacity Act (MCA)

    • Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLs)

    • Medication

    • Pressure Ulcer Awareness

    • Catheter and Stoma Awareness

  • Level 2 Principles of End-of-Life Care

  • Level 2 Moving and Handling of People

  • Level 2 Positive Behavioural Approach

  • Refresher/update training

  • Personal Assistant training

  • Personalised training packages

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