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Personal Assistant 


A Personal Assistant, or PA (as the role is commonly known), is a person employed to provide you with the support you need and want. A PA supports you and your individual needs. A PA can help with the following:

  • Ensure you make the most of your funds

  • Visit as regularly as you like or even live with you

  • Work very closely with you and your family

  • Offer additional support solutions through a government run scheme (E.S.F. Family Support Programme), which can be accessed from our website


Caring for someone with a disability is not just about ensuring that they are able to get around, have meals cooked, have help with chores and have assistance washing. There is so much more that they may require help with when it comes to the administration side of life. We are all aware of how difficult it can be to keep up with bills, form filling, organising benefits, and arranging for carers to attend; this is where an independent Personal Assistant can come in and be of a great benefit to the individual.


Form filling is endless for those who are disabled and a PA will complete tasks such as this for them. In addition, a PA may converse with people over the phone on your behalf. It is difficult to quantify how much help individuals need but a helping hand goes a long way to making life a lot simpler.

What can make the whole situation a little more difficult is if a client were to employ a private PA. This is because, often, these PAs are not qualified in the care aspect that our staff are. Furthermore, when a private PA is employed, the client would be responsible for PAYE and NI for that employee. At WHC, all our PAs and live-in PAs are also carers and consequently, are qualified to take care of your administration requirements as well as your healthcare requirements.


WHC really do think of everything, and we are fully insured to cover ourselves and clients for all eventualities. With the administration taken care of, as well as the care, it makes it easier for the individual to relax and forget about the responsibility of arranging everything that they need.

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