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Westwood Set to Open Soup Kitchen/Homeless Facility in Oldham

Westwood Set to Open Soup Kitchen/Homeless Facility in Oldham

The opening of a new soup kitchen or homeless facility is always something which is met with applause and gratitude – people stepping up to do something for the community is no bad thing, and not something we encounter a lot these days.

So when it was announced that Westwood Homecare, along with other companies in the Genesis Group were trying to create a brand new homeless facility for people in the heart of Oldham, it was obviously going to be a big deal. The facility will be open to all, whether they are homeless, living in poverty or have mental health needs and learning difficulties. The facility will include: a soup kitchen, a medical room to administer emergency first aid, a laundry room, wash facilities, IT room, quiet rooms and community resource rooms.

Brand New, Ready to Help

So the conglomerate itself has always been active in the community of Oldham, located in Manchester. The Genesis Group is, in general, quite a prominent force and has dabbled before in humanitarian efforts, it already has a relationship with Feed My City, where on Wednesdays and Fridays, free, warm Vegetarian Food is served to the Community from their offices in Manchester and Farnworth. But it’s the brand new soup kitchen they are due to unveil in the heart of Oldham which will really change it up.

They are planning to do it in association with Oldham Street Angels, and their mission is to make sure that they create incredible resources for people who need it. Understandably, this is quite a grand undertaking, but one which the team seems to have taken on with relish.

The Effects on the Community

One might stop and wonder what kind of effects this will have on the community as a whole, and we can only speculate that they will be positive ones.

For a long time now, there’s been a crisis involving homeless people as well as those living in food poverty. The most vulnerable in our society seem to have the least amount of support, and many people spend a long time sleeping on the streets in poor conditions. It’s deeply concerning and something which a lot of people worry about, but at the same time, it can be avoided and helped if you know how to move forward for the best.

The Westwood Team certainly knows how to move forward in the best way, because their latest endeavours will no doubt help to make sure that people get the right kind of care and treatment that they need. You often worry that these people won’t be looked after properly, but that is not the case here. Rather, it is important to recognise that these people will get access to food, respite care, and a shelter to rest in, which will be invaluable for staying safe during challenging weather conditions and indeed, during viral outbreaks like COVID-19.

Overall, the promised shelter is no doubt going to be a positive contribution to the society, which is good for people who are concerned about the welfare of the homeless. It is wonderful that the group has agreed to help as much as they can, and one can’t help but wonder why more people aren’t trying to help in a similar way. Naturally, it will be exciting to see the most underprivileged of Manchester and Oldham’s inhabitants thrive, and it’s easy to see how people might go on to have safer and more stable lives through rehabilitation and reintegration into society with confidence and independence, through this Facility and Westwood’s latest venture which is ‘Transitional Social Care’

Our Project Manager is eager and willing to work with other projects and providers to work together to provide this facility. If anyone would like to assist or be part of this venture, please do not hesitate to contact Naheem on 0161 232 7535.

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