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At WHC, we are constantly looking to improve our existing offerings and open new sites whenever we get the opportunity. Currently, we are looking a creating two need great projects. The first is located in Chadderton with the second in Oldham Central. Both are currently in the planning approval stages, but once received we hope to convert each to a 9-10 rooms sites that look to provide the services that we are going to talk about here. In additona to this, Westwood would hope to open Domicilairy Care branches to service these areas. We are investing heavily in this area and have further sites in the pipeline close to the other WHC branches in both Farnworth and Manchester.

Supported Living

These properties are designed to help the person live a largely independent life that is supported by our staff. We provide transition care to people with learing difficulties and mental health issues, assisting them to integrate into society, as well as those requiring respite care. We will be there to help them with aspects related to their living such as dealing with correspondence relating to their home. We will be helping them with budgeting, claiming benefits and ensuring that bills are paid on time. We will help them with shopping, meal planning and cooking to help ensure a healthy lifestyle. We will assist them with maintaining the domestic upkeep of their property. We will also ensure that their property is always safe and secure. We will aid if they want to look for voluntary work or employment opportunities. All these things enable them to live a normal and productive life.

The properties would be designed to provide residents with amenities that they would require , key features would include:

  • Specially adapted bedrroms with en suites / wet rooms
  • Bistro and dining facilities
  • Treatment Rooms
  • Quiet Room
  • Communal Lounge
  • 24 / 7 Care on hand
  • Trained Support Workers on site at all times

The Right Choices

We believe it is important for those in our care to be able to make their own choices about their lives. This means that by providing the assisted living, then we are not tying the individual down to strict timetables and regimes being imposed on them. We will always treat all our citizens as individuals and respect them. We will encourage them to express their individuality by decorating their rooms and making them feel like they want it to. We will involve them in the future developments of our sites and any plans we have around our homes.

Ensure Their Rights Are Respected

We want every person to feel like they can exercise all the rights and privileges that they have. This means that we will help them make sure they have access to the right to vote and can make their own informed opinion about who they wish to vote for. We will ensure that they have access to all the parts of the NHS that they need. We will make sure that they are able to claim all the benefits to which they are entitled and have access to social welfare. We will make sure that they have access to public services such as libraries and educational facilities. We will also help them get access to employment if they wish to do so.

Final Thoughts

Creating the right type of housing is important for us, and especially those that we look after. We work from the basis that this is a partnership and that the citizen is the most important person and needs the care and assistance so that they can live life to the fullest extent. For further information about ‘Transitional Social Care’, please e-mail us on support@westwoodhomecare.co.uk.

We are currently working on two Transitional Social Care, you can click on the links below to see 3D images of our proposed sites:

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