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message from ceo

Message from our CEO

Message from our CEO

Here at Westwood, we like to celebrate achievements. We believe it’s really important to talk about what people do right because, in a world where there are so many challenges, success should be celebrated.

That’s why we like to talk a little bit about the success of one of our team members. This individual has gone above and beyond in his performance, and he really has done very well. We would also like to take a minute to provide some reassurance to everybody else, especially considering these very trying times.

Mike Jones – National Superstar

The first order of business is that we would like to extend congratulations to Mike Jones. Mike recently went in for the highly coveted manager of the year award and managed to come up as HIGHLY COMMENDED in the 2020 National Care Awards. We are very proud of his achievements, and consider him to be a valuable member of the family.

Mike is having a successful career with us, and he has established himself as being a team player, with a forward-thinking vision and the drive to propel the company to new heights. Congratulations Mike and the whole Team, you heavily deserve the commendation that you’ve got!

Credit also goes to the whole team at Westwood for this award, this is the beginning of an exciting 12 months in which we are also looking at opening Transitional Social Care and further branches.

To Our Team

Now, to all of the team members and key workers out there who are bravely putting themselves on the front lines to provide care, working alongside the NHS and local authorities. We haven’t forgotten about you, and we are so proud of everything you have managed to do, so thank you.

In these uncertain and frightening times, we know exactly how much you’re giving to the people we have promised to help look after. We are delighted with what you’ve done, we consider your commitment to be something we will always be proud of, and we want you to be safe as much as possible.

To try and help with this, we will keep providing you with the best possible personal protective equipment that we can. We help where we need to to make sure that you’re going to be safe, and remember that these times are not permanent. We will get past this, and we will move forward. We will work together as a company to navigate the coronavirus pandemic in a safe and sensible way, so when it’s all over, we can return to providing the same excellent standard of care that has been shown throughout.

So, in conclusion, we are so proud of everything that has gone on. We know just how important it can be for people to get the best outcomes, which is why we have really worked hard to give you everything you could need. We are very proud of Mike for his achievements, and we also want the entire staff to remember that we are trying to keep you safe. We know how much you are giving to people, and we are so proud of you. Let’s all keep pushing forward together, being safe, staying protected, and giving the vulnerable in the community the levels of service that they deserve.

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