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Message from our CEO, Mohammed ‘Billy’ Naheem

Message from our CEO, Mohammed ‘Billy’ Naheem

Following the recent Regional Great British Care Awards, I would like to express how proud I am to be a part of Westwood Homecare. As a company, we aim to do our utmost best to support the individuals in our care and ensure that those with us are happy and healthy.

Our vision has always been to support our clients by tailoring person-centred support plans to each individual and their needs, while enabling those same clients to remain active parts of their own communities. To us, aging and needing care should not mean that you stop doing things that you enjoy. We’re here to help our clients reach their personal goals in a safe way, with their care team cheering them on every step of the way.

And that has showed immensely with the nominations that included us for the Care Awards. Being nominated is a huge honour in itself; showing that the individuals in our team worked long and hard to become dedicated members of Westwood Homecare, and that they obviously care about those that they support.

For those who were nominated but unsuccessful, do not think of it as a failure. Be proud to have been nominated out of all of the other people out there doing the same job as you. Be proud that you have been recognised for your dedication and your work ethic.

Those that I speak of are, of course: Rebecca Birch, Nominated Team Member for the Workforce Development Award; Clare Suleyman, Nominated Team Member for the Home Care Coordinator Award; and John Blazenby, Nominated Team Member for the Care Assessor Award. These three deserve all of the praise in the world for their efforts. I wish them the very best, and I hope to see them nominated again in the future.

As a company, we were also nominated in the following categories: Home Care Employer and The Home Care Team Award. Even though we didn’t quite hit the mark this time, I have no doubts that we have another chance at winning these two categories one day. We are, if nothing, a care team that perseveres.

We may have been unsuccessful in some of the categories of the Awards, but being nominated was a great achievement and we should all be congratulating Rebecca, Clare, and John, as well as each other. Our team is among the top few in our field to receive these nominations, and that is no small feat!

Finally, I would like to mention Mike Jones, who won the Registered Manager of the Year Award this year. Mike is now through to the National Finals for these awards, and we wish him the very best of luck going forward.

Our performance this year has been nothing short of exemplary. Each of you mentioned here more than deserves this message. But, to all of our team members, well done for a fantastic year. Keep giving it your all as the year closes and start 2020 with as much pride and joy as you possibly can.

Well Done Team! Keep Up The Good Work!


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