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Homecare in Bolton

Homecare in Bolton

Many People Prefer to Recover

The CQC have released their report on ‘Older People’s Pathway’ in Bolton. The dates of these figures are for 2018/2019. Below we will look at the report and what it says about the Homecare and care services available in Bolton.

Bolton care services require improvement.
The ratings of the adult social care are as follows;

  • 75% of Adult Nursing Homes are ‘Good’ and 25% ‘Require Improvement’
  • 68% of Residential Care Homes are ‘Good’, 18% ‘Require Improvement’, 15% are ‘Unrated’
  • 74% of Domiciliary Care Agencies are ‘Good’, 5% ‘Require Improvement’, 19% are ‘Unrated’ and 2% are ‘Outstanding’

There are 938 residential care beds for the population of 65 and over, whereas there are 831 nursing care beds for the population in Bolton.

The service provision and ASC support requests.

The services received by new clients aged 65 and over, requesting ASC support in 2017/2018 were as follows;

  • 2% received long term nursing and residential care
  • 13% received long term community care
  • 20% received short term care which maximized their independence
  • 5% received short term, other
  • 14% received ongoing low level support
  • 15% received universal services/ signposting
  • 2% were in prison/ end of life
  • 3% no service provided/ deceased
  • 26% had no services provided.

This is a large percent of patients requesting care and not receiving it.

Bolton had better than England average when it came to accessing GP appointments for all ages, access to information about ASC support for ASC users, ASC users with as much social contact as they would like and overall ASC satisfaction. This is all very promising.

However, Bolton had worse than England average for support for long term conditions for all ages.

The main community, mental health and combined providers in Bolton are rated ‘Good’.

Bolton has good ratings for A&E admissions.

Bolton received similar A&E attendances compared to its comparators and England, but they were slightly lower. The rate of A&E attendances from care homes tended to fluctuate but was similar to the rest of England.

The rate of emergency admissions and for emergency admissions from care homes in Bolton was slightly lower than comparators and the rest of England. However, the length of hospital stay was significantly worse in Bolton than its comparators and the rest of England. The delayed transfer of care in Bolton fluctuated quite significantly throughout the graph. The percentage of emergency readmissions from care homes in Bolton within both 7 and 30 days show good results. The emergency readmissions from care homes were significantly better than England and Bolton’s comparators in 2018/2019

What are the costs involved in care in Bolton?

The average weekly unit cost of residential home placement in Bolton is £487. The average weekly unit cost of nursing home placement is £486.

Bolton’s future progress with care services.

According to the CQC report, Bolton has already established many changes to care, such as; enhancing health in care homes, systems to monitor patient flow and multi-agency discharge schemes. They have plans in place for a seven-day service.

Choose the right care for you.

Bolton’s statistics are showing promising figures when it comes to the care of those aged 65 and over, especially when it came down to ACS care and A&E admissions.

Westwood Homecare provide an excellent service of care in Bolton. We also have branches in Manchester, Stockport and we are opening a new branch in Liverpool. The values of our Homecare are to have mutual trust and respect with our service users, to care and be compassionate and to deliver and achieve the best support service.

Our trained team is understanding, compassionate, professional, flexible and dependable to our clients. You can have a say when it comes to your care, we provide the service for you. Our team has a combined experience of over 80 years in the Health and Social Care industry.

We want our customers to be safe and be valuable assets to the community, to have their say in their care plans and we provide the highest level of care we can to facilitate our users needs.

To find out more about our Homecare Service in Bolton, please make an enquiry. If you’d like to read more about the statistics of care in Bolton, you can access the PDF here.

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